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August 18, 2009

Do You Feel Cheap? Used? Or Do You Care?

Setting: You take the time to call a business OR a business cold calls you to solicit your money away.

Condition: You need their assistance OR you might be interested in their service/product.

Background: Literally in the background you hear an army of voices. You can’t actually make out many of the words, reminding you of the Charlie Brown teacher (mumble mumble mumble, “Yes ma’am!”)

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  1. Background noise doesn’t bother me, especially with tech support or sales firms. That’s business. I feel used when the person I’m talking to treats me impersonally. I hate being someone’s routine by hearing them half listen, flip through a book for a solution, IM another dept, or search their system for a solution. A good service/sales rep can be productive while sounding personal and attentive. That shows appreciation to customers/clients, sets them apart from competitors, costs nothing, and makes me want to call again. I especially appreciate people listening to my situation then using it to form a recommendation or personalize my call experience. Extra effort and customer service are huge for me regardless of what happens around them in an cubicle farm.

    Comment by Dan — August 19, 2009 @ 11:33 am | Reply

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