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May 30, 2009

Benjamin Floyd, The User Experience. The Bottom Line: What Does It Cost?

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The bottom line for all companies/organizations:  What does it cost?

What does it cost to create a great user experience? What is the bottom line? How can we create a great user experience without eating into our profits/donations?

Zero. Nada. Gratis.

That’s right…nothing or not much. Here is an example. National grocery store chains with the value membership cards which have been around for years. When I purchase items from one store, when I receive my receipt the cashier is taught to do three things (all in a matter of a second or two):

1. Circle my total savings today by using the card
2. Thank me by name (it appears on the receipt for using my card)
3. They inform me of the savings that I received today.

So what did it cost? Nothing. A mere couple of seconds. I was already signed up for the savings. But this chain is taking the time to point out my savings (so I keep coming back) and they are calling me by name (a basic psychological aspect/truth is that everyone likes to be recognized).

I now live in another state that does not have this grocery store chain. A different national chain, with the same membership value card, does not create this user experience. They do tell me how much I saved on my purchase but they do not call me by my name. And I remember. And I know the difference between the stores. And I blog about it.

So what does it cost to create a good user experience? Not much.


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