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April 9, 2009

Benjamin Floyd, The User Experience. The Customer Standing There Doesn’t Exist

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Yesterday I was in a national grocery store when in the middle of scanning my items another store employee walked by. The cashier stopped what he was doing and began an unsolicited conversation with the employee headed out. The discussion topic was where she was going to lunch and what my cashier thought of that decision. Meanwhile, there are 2 people in line behind me and my items are not being scanned. So politely I say, “excuse me, can we finish this transaction?”

The cashier’s shocked expression was that of someone who was witnessing a car crash. Who was I to interrupt his conversation? And the incredulous look I received was filled with disdain. He finished the transaction, handing me my receipt with a look of contempt.

I thought of this experience and the different experience I’ve had with another national grocery store chain. When a customer uses their loyalty card, at the end of the transaction a cashier reads your name, hands you the receipt, and says, “Thank You Mr. Floyd for your business. You saved XYZ amount of money today. Have a nice day.”

What does this training implementation cost the 2nd company? New computers? New scanners or checkout stands? No…nothing more then a common courtesy and taking one extra step of reading my name to me (one of the best user experiences a person can have with a corporation).  Instead of being upset with the first employee and the user experience I have resolved not visit that chain with my business.


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